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Purchasing – also known as Procurement or Buying  – often appears to be a ‘hidden’ function in many businesses. In fact, procurement of product, ingredients, packaging and services is a highly strategic role, whether the organisation is manufacturing or service-oriented. Procurement is complex. It covers the full supply chain from contractual negotiation, product sourcing, supply base management and logistics.

All food manufacturing businesses need products in order to be able to operate. These might be physical products, such as raw materials, or packaging and ingredients for a food manufacturer. They may also be service-based, such as specialist HR or Marketing consultancy services when trialing new technology or distribution services for a high street retailer. It is vital that these products or services not only meet the required quality and reliability standards, but also that they are competitively priced and arrive on time.

In addition to direct materials and services, every business, from a hotel to the biggest brands in the world such as Heinz or Nestle, needs supplies. Purchasing across indirect services involves the day-to-day necessities like photocopier paper, soap and towels for wash rooms or service support for IT equipment. However, the Purchasing role also covers high-tech or large scale equipment for major projects such as the building and capital projects for a new manufacturing facility.

Purchasing requires high levels of skill. There are internationally accredited qualification in Purchasing too.  CIPS is the professional body in the UK which aims to promote the highest standards of excellence in purchasing and supply management across all industries. It provides these through its professional qualifications program, focused training and education and by rigorous assessment procedures.

Focus Management International’s Purchasing Team, headed up by Regional Director James Everall is able to help attract this top level of candidate for both MNC’s and SME’s in the Middle East, Northern Africa and beyond. And because we exclusively focus on the Food & Beverage and FMCG industries, Consultants can benchmark these candidates against each other and do so every day.