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UAE Supporting Yemen in Hunger Fight

Main Image 26 September 2016 | Adam Berry

The UAE is providing support to the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) as they fight hunger in Yemen.

The country recently contributed US$6 million to help those in need of food.

A Large Donation

The donation comes at a much-needed time, and will provide a lot of assistance for those in need. 100,000 people will be able to receive the vital food aid for four months as a result of this large cash gift, which will be music to the ears of the needy in Yemen.


The UAE Minister of State for International Cooperation, Her Excellency Reem Ebrahim Al Hashimy, signed an agreement with the Executive Director of the WFP, Ertharin Cousin. The deal took place during UN General Assembly meetings in New York.

So what will the contribution buy? It will go towards purchasing 7,000 metric tons of staple foods for Yemeni citizens to eat. This includes wheat, vegetable oil, pulses, and sugar, along with a wheat soya blend which is essential for children suffering from malnutrition.

In turn, the food purchases and the deployment of aid packages will create and sustain more international food jobs, so the contribution will help in more ways than one.

A Good Decision

Both parties seem very pleased to see this deal go ahead, especially given the difference in the make in the lives of those who need assistance.

“We appreciate this contribution from the United Arab Emirates because it will help us provide vital food assistance to families who struggle to feed themselves and their children in Yemen,” said Cousin. “Over the years, our partnership with the UAE has helped save millions of lives worldwide. We can always count on the generosity of the UAE and its people in these difficult times.”

“Providing such assistance is part of the pledge to support the humanitarian and relief efforts for those affected people, especially women and children, within the framework of the humanitarian approach that the UAE adopts,” Minister Al Hashimy said. “The UAE looks forward to achieve more effective work and strengthen the partnership with the WFP for the ultimate goal of providing relief to those who are suffering the most.”

Food Insecurity High

It seems that food jobs are few and far between in Yemen, as food is scarce for perhaps 14 million people there, according to a WFP assessment carried out in June. 7 million of these are highly at risk and may be starving to death if they do not receive aid.

6 million people receive food from the WFP every two months. They make a rotation of the assistance between different families in order to ensure that everyone in the greatest need gets some help, despite the fact that their resources are very limited. Food insecurity levels are consistently high in Yemen; at the moment, the WFP is doing nothing more than stabilising the situation. While it might not be getting any worse, it is certainly not getting any better either, and some families survive only as a result of the food packages that they receive.

It is hoped that more international governments will make donations if they are able to do so, helping to alleviate the situation while more is done to change the infrastructure. If access to food can be secured for those in the greatest need, we will be partway towards solving the problem.


For now, anyone wishing to know more about the WFP can find details on their website, as well as being able to make private donations of their own – any small amount helps. WFP is the largest hunger-fighting humanitarian agency in the world, and they work with communities totally around 80 million people globally.  


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