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UAE Food Truck Park Opens

Main Image 31 August 2016 | Adam Berry

A new food truck park has open in the UAE, on the road from Dubai to Abu Dhabi.

Known as Last Exit, the park will be open around the clock to cater to travellers.

New Food Ideas

The food truck is not a new idea in the UAE, but the park certainly is: it comprises 1,500 square meters right in the middle of an empty expanse, next to the road. It was inspired by the fuel stations one finds across America, with a retro twist that dates back to the 1950s.

You will find the park off exit 1, as if you were driving towards Sah Sheib. Last Exit is a real novelty, and has been designed to have a certain atmosphere. The trucks have a design based around automobiles with twists and retro fittings, and there are upcycled elements of furniture all around. Bins, lighting, wall features, and even wash basins have all been made from older items.

Trees have been planted alongside grassy areas that are watered with sprinklers to give it a more natural feel. It’s a masterclass in design for a commercial audience, with tyres turned into seating and railway sleepers made into walkways.

The décor was sourced from various locations such as the USA, the UK, and Sri Lanka. Some of the custom pieces were more locally made, however, with design teams from the UAE.

Heaped Servings

As for the food, there is plenty to choose from. The park is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, so you can stop by any time to get food and drink – soon after opening, there were reports of locals heading in to get chicken sandwiches and various other items around 3am.

You can purchase short rib sandwiches and iced coffees, as well as ice creams to keep the heat of the day away. The 12 food trucks include Operation Falafel, Baja Fresh, Poco Loco, Big Smoke Burger, Clinton St Bakery, and – of course – a Starbucks. They sit comfortably inside airstreams, giving the whole place a unified appearance even if each truck is modified differently.

There is even a convenience store on site, the All Day Fresh, which is run by an Indian couple from Kannur.

A Unique Experience

Visitors are able to come and sit down to eat, or drive through with a takeaway meal. Trackways have been laid down on the floor to direct them to their preferred eateries: you follow the colour you want, and pull up to the intercom service to make your order. You then take a slip and park up, waiting for your meal, or go down to the canteen block to find a seat.

It’s certainly worth a visit just to see the custom-designed airstreams and furniture, and it’s a real boost to the food industry jobs in the area. If it takes off, we could perhaps see more of these food truck parks springing up in the future along other major roads. Be sure to keep an eye on those developments!

In the meantime, this park is being described as foodie heaven, with so many different options available that no one is going to go hungry on the E11 again.

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