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Working with Food and Beverage Human Resources teams from a recruitment perspective, gives us a real insight into the demands and issues they see as key to their profession and their business. The landscape is changing rapidly in the GCC with millennials – those reaching adulthood around the year 2000 -  now making up more than 50% of the workforce. They are setting different demands on their employers – expecting greater freedom to act, more development and more career opportunity. 

The Food and Beverage industry is having to address and implement accelerated leadership routes, a greater sense of purpose and mission, and improved flexibility in work places to support the expectations of their recruits.    This younger workforce is more transient as well, so developing longer term loyalty is key.  With the growth of the sector and the demands being placed on the Food and Beverage industry, the need for people talent has never been greater and the recruitment process and selection never more critical. 

At Focus Management International we believe in doing recruitment right , investing in clients and candidates in equal measure to make certain the technical skills mirror the needs of the job and, probably as importantly, that there is a very good culture fit.  We do this by working with our HR client colleagues to understand the brief and follow a robust recruitment process.

Focus Management International’s Human Resources team is able to help attract this top level of candidate for both MNC’s and SME’s in the Middle East, Northern Africa and beyond. And because we exclusively focus on the Food & Beverage and FMCG industries, Consultants can benchmark these candidates against each other and do so every day.