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The finance department of any business is essential in maintaining good control over the operation, ensuring it is managing cost, cash and bottom line contribution. Every company must have an accurate control on the money in and money out in order to keep its command on the course of the business.

At a junior level responsibilities will cover sales order processing, product costing, invoicing and monthly accounts management. A Finance Manager of a single site will have additional responsibilities and be working in partnership with the site General Manager to guide them on the profitable operation of the business.

When you get to the more senior roles such as Finance Controller or Regional Finance Business Partner the objectives become more strategic and other responsibilities including overseeing mergers and acquisitions or strategic planning would become part of the job.

All of these processes can only be efficiently done by hiring the right profiles and finance professionals - and the food industry is no exception.

While it may look from the outside that “finance is finance”, within the food industry it is favoured that people have a background in food manufacturing to some degree. This understanding of how manufacturing businesses work and what can be done to make them more efficient and profitable is a huge benefit that may not be there otherwise.

Focus Management International’s Finance Team, led by Senior Consultant Yassine Sakkaf, is able to help attract this top level of candidate for both MNC’s and SME’s in the Middle East, Northern Africa and beyond. And because we exclusively focus on the Food & Beverage and FMCG industries, Consultants can benchmark these candidates against each other and do so every day.

Below is an example of a project that Yassine and his team have successfully completed for a Client in the previous 12 months:

Finance Director, beverage industry, Saudi Arabia

  • A multinational producer of soft drinks was looking for a Finance Director for their regional headquarter based in KSA. They were encountering difficulties to find a Finance Director with strong knowledge of commodities risk management for sugar products.
  • The strategy that they were using was essentially to target candidates coming from direct competitors or from the beverage industry. Focus Management International suggested to explore other options and find someone suitable coming from a different industry keeping in mind the importance of risk management.
  • Focus Management International sourced a candidate who worked as a Regional Finance Director for a trading company of soft commodities. He had the prefect exposure to risk management and all Finance skills required for their businesses.